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Cantonese Cuisin

Cantonese is the most well-known and popular of the Chinese regional cuisine
styles. Cantonese chefs specialize in delicate sauces and roasted meats, in
steamed and stir-fried dishes with vegetables that are as carefully chosen for
appearance and appeal to the eye as to the palate. Steamed rice is a staple of
Cantonese cuisine, and is the base of most meals. Every vegetable is sliced to
best show off its color and shape, even in a stir-fry or sauce. One of the more
enduring and widely enjoyed traditions of Cantonese cooking is ‘dim sum’ – ‘little
hearts’. In many cities, both in China and in other countries around the world, you’
ll find little dim sum shops tucked beneath stairways and in storefront shops. They
serve tea and the delicious savory and sweet little dim sum pastries to
businessmen and afternoon shoppers.

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