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Teahouse culture

Traditionally´╝îLocal people enjoy drinking tea. The local teahouse has always been the equivalent in Chengdu of the French cafe or the British pub. When you are in Chengdu, You will see teahouses everywhere on the streets. There is a saying: “China has the best teahouses in the world, and Chengdu has the best teahouses in China”. People usually drink Jasmine tea when they sit in teahouses. Jasmine tea is the most enjoyable local tea. In chengdu teahouses abound in and out of this city. Teahouses sprawl over Chengdu sidewalks, in back-alley sections and suburbs. Teahouses offer hot boiled water and tea snacks, and have a more comfortable setting with bamboo armchairs, low table and sooty kettles. Local people, especially the elderly usually go to teahouses to sip tea and chat. They enjoy their pastimes and stay in their teahouses all day! Sometimes you will see that in teahouses many of them play games or cards. Some teahouses present performances like singing, local opera, and story telling.

In chengdu, teahouses also function as places for the exchange of current information . Most Chengdu teahouses cater to tea drinkers, young and old, who come to meet and have a chat bout everything ranging from the bride's dowry to a fierce political debate, Sichuan is an inland province in China and transportation is not as convenient as other coast province. However, as you sit in teahouses and start to chat with other customers, you will soon know everything under the sun.

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